In order to procure maximum participation of the masses in the 150 years celebrations, Lahore High Court has organized Art and Literature Contests i.e.  Children Painting Contest, Essay Writing Competition, Old Photographs Contest, and Photography Contests. 
The submissions remained open from 17th of October, 2016 till 15th of November, 2016. 
The advertisement of the above contests was carried out throughout the Province of Punjab and the People responded in a tremendous manner. Following is the detail of submissions:

1    Essay Received                    748
2    Paintings Received               645
3    Photographs Received            15
4    Old Photographs Received      33
     Total                                     1441

The enormous number of submissions demonstrates that by holding 150 Years celebrations the High Court has conveyed the message to common people that there is a strong and alive judiciary present to administer justice amongst the masses.

The submissions were meticulously and discretely examined. Each and every submission was given proper attention.  After a thoughtful scrutiny, following submissions were selected for awards :

Winners of Essay Writing Contest


Winners of Children Painting Contest